WaterTorch 360° Kayak Light | Boat Work Light | Handheld Torch | Suction Base | Portable Bright White LED

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Kayalu WaterTorch 360° Kayak Light | Boat Work Light | Handheld Torch | Suction Base | Portable Bright White LEDMade in the USA, the Kayalu WaterTorch is a rugged, bright white LED, deep water submersible kayak deck light and work light with an industrial suction cup base. The WaterTorch can be removed from its friction cup base for use as a tethered flashlight, dive light and marker light. About the WaterTorch Waterproof (IPX8 rated), submersible to 1000 feet (300 m) below sea level. Rugged lens and light body construction are virtually crush-proof, impact-proof. White diffusion lens manufactured exclusively for Kayalu by Tektite Industries. Over 100 hours of operation on 3 AA alkaline batteries (included), LED lamp life rated over 10,000 hours. Industrial grade suction cup vacuum seals to any non-porous surface. Rubber pull-up tab on cup provides means for quick release. Height: 12' tall (30 cm) mounted. Long-length 18' (46 cm) nylon-coated tether can be slipped over a wrist or slip-knotted to kayak deck rigging to prevent accidental loss of light or assembly. Marine-grade stainless steel split ring. Two shoulder slots can accept a belt for strapping the light to an arm or leg. The WaterTorch is made in the USA for Kayalu Gear by Tektite Industries. NOTE: The Kayalu WaterTorch incorporates the same Tektite bright white dual-LED, rugged light body and bright white LED technology as the top-rated Kayalu Kayalite kayak light, meeting U.S. Coast Guard requirements for night navigation of a kayak or canoe, and maximum certifiable IPX8 rating. At Kayalu, we recommend the use of a secure mounting system such as Kayalite as the primary source of light for night navigation and visibility while kayaking at night. To read recommendations for outfitting a kayak for night navigation, visit the Kayalu website.