USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp, Super Bright 700 Lumens Headlight with Battery Indicator Smart Sensor



USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp, Super Bright 700 Lumens Headlight with Battery Indicator Smart Sensor, Waterproof, White & Red Light 6 Modes for Running, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Clim(2 PACK)Super Bright: Brightness up to 700 lumens. Battery Capacity: 1200mAh. USB Rechargeable & Battery Indicator. Motion Sensor: Simply turn ON/OFF the light by waving your hand. 6 Lighting Modes & 2 Types of Beam Angle. IPX4 Waterproof & Super Durable. Lightweight & Comfortable. 70 Degrees Tilt Head. Why we designed a headlamp like this? 2 Types of Headlamp Beam: Flood (or Wide): Useful for general camp tasks, up-close repair work and reading. Flood beams ordinarily do not throw light a long distance. Spot (or Focused or Narrow): This tight beam best enables long-distance viewing. In most cases this is a better choice to navigate a trail in the dark. Flood & Spot: Adjustable headlamps are the most versatile. 70° Tilt: The ability to adjust the headlamp unit up and down is a nice option. It lets you position the beam exactly where you want it. This is especially handy when reading by headlamp. Battery Indicator: Almost all headlamps on the market don't have Battery Indicator. But actually this is a must have to every headlamp, imagine when you need the headlamp out for something, and after 10 minutes of using, it run out of power when you need it to work. It sucks, right? That's why we designed a headlamp which has battery indicator. For you to easily knowing how much time the headlamp can last, and when the headlamp should be recharged. Headlamp Brightness Levels & Modes: - Strobe (or Flash) mode acts as an emergency blinker. It's for emergency use. -Low brightness is the standard mode used for most tasks such as camp chores or walking along an easy trail at night. -High (or Max) brightness is a good option for situations where you simply need or want more light. -Red light does not cause our pupils to shrink the way white light can, so it's good for nighttime use. Brightness up to 700 lumens:

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