Under Cabinet Lighting Wireless Led Closet Light Battery Powered Motion Sensor Light 20 LED Bulbs Magnetic Stick-on Portable Night Light-Security for Cabinet, Wardrobe, Kitchen, Hallway (2 Pack)



Under Cabinet Lighting Wireless Led Closet Light Battery Powered Motion Sensor Light 20 LED Bulbs Magnetic Stick-on Portable Night Light-Security for Cabinet, Wardrobe, Kitchen, Hallway (2 Pack)Wireless LED Motion Sensor Lights This type of wireless under cabinet lighting wtih great environemt protect effect because of its energy saving and long operating life. Under cabinet lighting unique design allows the sensing module can being circumrotated in 90°, which motion sensor light meets the different angles of induction. This closet light can be mounted in a horizontal position or in a vertical position. It is easy to install and operate. This closet light with two mode, the first one is sensor operating for lasing the battery life which means the wirless sensor led light only opertate when it detected motion in the dark, or it will stay off. The second one is controled by hand, this mode is suitable for not very darke place but the place always need light. This product is powered by battery, the battery type is 3*AA dry battery(not included). Auto sensing equals half year(light on 10 times a day). The type of light is LED bulbs * 20. Motion sensor light more bright than other products on the market. The motion sensor lights color temperature is 6000k and give a white light to your life. Our product will not cause light pollution and also protect eyes. Unique shape Design is also suited to traveling as a emergency light in the night.

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