Party Wire Lights - Indoor/Outdoor Party Lights

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Party Wire Lights - Indoor/Outdoor Party LightsLight up parties and celebrations with Party Wire Lights – a set of sound reactive string lights that provide the perfect ambience for your party music! A string set with 3 colors of LEDs, each individual light is encased in a textured dome, which results in a projection of mixed colors creating a stunning lighting affect around the room. The Party Wire Lights feature three different modes to choose from, with always on, color phasing and sound reactive modes. The Party Wire Lights are powered by USB only, the USB cable is integrated into the product. A great gift to light up any party, the Party Wire Lights are part of the T3K gift range from Paladone. T3K is a gift range creating designed and delivered fun gift ideas that transform desktop and lifestyle products into functional tools, gadgets and accessories for everyday use. CHOKING HAZARD: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years old.