Outdoor String Lights 12v Safe Low Voltage Hanging LED Landscape Lighting 12 Volt DC 12VDC for Gaz



BECCALIGHTING Outdoor String Lights 12v Safe Low Voltage Hanging LED Landscape Lighting 12 Volt DC 12VDC for Gazebo Pool Deck Patio Poles Backyard Garden RV Solar-Powered Off-Grid Living 48ft 48 FeetBECCALIGHTING outdoor string lights are a perfect indoor and outdoor landscaping lighting solution for all season around. Hanging BECCALIGHTING string light gives your backyard, patio, pole, pool or even a camp fire beside your RV a magical touch. Powered by 12 volt low voltage, BECCALIGHTING outdoor string light works all on low voltage only - making it 100% safe to use outdoors. Even though the outdoor string light is waterproof, there is always a chance that they can get corroded or chewed by your dog or other animals overtime. Not to mention that vintage light bulbs are made from glass, they are fragile and easy to break when your kids and pets are chasing around on patio or in backyard. In this scenario, if you use 110 - 120V high voltage string light like others in market, it will be very dangerous. Users that accidentally touch the exposed wires or broken light bulb can get electrocuted if it is a 110V or 110V string light. Therefore using a low voltage string light like BECCALIGHTING 12v string light is the safest outdoor landscape lighting option for all seasons. BECCALIGHTING also includes both power supply with plug if you want to plug it on AC 110 - 120V and also a 12 Volt connector if you want to wire to any 12v power source like battery, RV, solar-powered etc. Specifications - Product Name: BECCALIGHTING outdoor string light 12v - Working Voltage: 12 VOLT DC (black wire + and white wire is -) - Total Length: Approximately 48ft - Total Sockets: 12 Sockets - Total LED Bulbs: 15 Bulbs (3 backup) - LED Bulb Color: 2750k Warm White - Certifications: cUL, ETL, CE, RoHS Note - If it does not light up, change + and - on your power source when you connect to a 12 volt power source or email us - All LED bulbs included are 12 volt low voltage - DO NOT use on AC 110 - 120v - use only BECCALIGHTING low voltage LED bulbs

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