Motion Detection - Advanced 16-Color LED Toilet Bowl Light, Internal Memory, Light Detection (White



LumiLux Toilet Light Motion Detection - Advanced 16-Color LED Toilet Bowl Light, Internal Memory, Light Detection (White)Welcome your toilet into the 21st century with the LumiLux toilet light. It’s safe, it’s energy efficient, and it’s kind of fun too! Don’t be swayed by our competitors who use cheap motion detectors, flimsy suction cups, or offer only 8 or 12 colors. At LumiLux, we source only the best tried and true materials, ensuring our products durability and long-lasting performance. We’re committed to you, your family, and your home. Our toilet is easy-to-use, customizable to your preferred level of brightness, and fits onto any size toilet bowl. It’s also equipped with infrared and light detection, illuminating the bowl upon entry and shuts off upon exit, and it deactivates the LED light the instant you turn on the lights. So, stop struggling with bright lights in the middle of the night and start making potty time fun for all. One of the most advanced water-resistant toilet lights on the market, the LumiLux toilet light uses state-of-the-art technology to create the perfect way to light up your toilet. Select from 16 LED colors or create a rainbow in your bathroom using the carousel mode. A mini midnight party in your bathroom you, your kids, and the whole family are sure to love. And, it makes a great gift. 5 STAGE DIMMER Set your ideal level of brightness by choosing from up to 5 different levels to make your nightlight glow as dark or bright as you want. And, it’s built-in internal memory will store your settings (unless batteries are removed). INFRARED & LIGHT DETECTION Its motion sensor detects body heat as far as 18 feet away to automatically illuminate the room when you enter and shut off when you leave. You’ll never need to blindly search for the path to the toilet in the middle of the night again! And, it’s light detection sensor will deactivate the LED light the instant it detects light is on to maximize battery life. COMPACT DESIGN The LumiLux toilet light housing compartment measures approximately 3.4' x 2.3' x 0.8' with the flexible arm extending about 4' from the housing compartment. It’s small and discrete design will integrate seamlessly with any bathroom décor. Read more FLEXIBLE ARM Its flexible arm easily bends to attach onto any size toilet bowl and unlike cheap suction cups provides a secure fit. LONG-LASTING The toilet lights average battery life is 6 months to 1 year, depending on the brightness setting and frequency used. Requires 3 AA batteries (sold separately). Features a low battery indicator: red light will blink 5x. EASY TO INSTALL Simply insert 3 batteries and bend its flexible arm to attach the unit onto any size toilet bowl – resting just below the seat lid and onto the rim. The motion sensor should face away from the toilet and towards the entry of the door. Read more

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