LOHAS PAR30 LED Bulb, 2000K LED Bug Light, 12 W(100W Halogen Bulb Replacement) LED Ceiling Light, 10



LOHAS PAR30 LED Bulb, 2000K LED Bug Light, 12 W(100W Halogen Bulb Replacement) LED Ceiling Light, 1000Lumen for Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Kitchen, 180 Degree Beam Angle for Office HallwayProduct Description Create a good sleep environment: Most people are well aware of the harmful effects of the Blu-ray from the computer monitors, mobile phones, digital products, and displays, but led bulbs. Actually, blue light is everywhere in our daily life, and it can affect people’s sleep quality. We can't eliminate blue light completely, but we can avoid it as much as we can. A lot of people will ask, how can we avoid such an effect? The answer is: choose the right bulb for your life. This 2000K range bulb produces less than Blu-ray than other bulbs, it’s perfect choice for your home. Widely use: This high brightness bulb with 1000 lumen output is suitable for your porch, recessed ceiling light, table lamp, kitchen, staircase, hallway, bathroom, dinning room etc. Especially, for the bug lights. PAR30 bug lights: Many people are hate that when they are going out for a walk on the evenings, coming back to a swarm of night bugs around the porch light. Some of the brave bugs will kiss your face. It’s invariably one or two bugs will slip into the house when you just let yourself in. How to avoid it? This light can keep you away from the obnoxious bugs. Specifications: Wattage: 12W Base Type: E26 Voltage: 110-240V Lumen: 1000 Lumen Dimmable: Non-Dimmable View Angle: 180°Degree Color temperature: Yellow White Incandescent light Equivalent: 100W

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