LED Safe Lighting Kit, 4 PCS 13.8' Light Bars per Kit, Dimmable Remote Control Switch, for Under Cab



LED Safe Lighting Kit, 4 PCS 13.8' Light Bars per Kit, Dimmable Remote Control Switch, for Under Cabinet Lighting, Locker, Closet, Shelf Lighting. (White, 4 Kit)Read more RF Remote Control Switch Dimmable, Adjust brightness at will The LED cabinet lights are controlled by an RF remote control. You can control the opening and closing of the cabinet lights, flashing mode, you can adjust the brightness level as needed. 360 degree no dead angle remote control. The range of the remote control can reach 590 inches (360 degrees controllable). You can set 10 brightness levels from 50LM to 1200LM according to your preference. The final brightness setting can be remembered without having to adjust again Read more LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit Delivering Soft Even Pure White (6500K) Light. Newcity cabinet LED lighting, with remote control, emits pure white light, 900lm super bright, so you can clearly see in the dark. It is ideal for lighting cabinets, counters, wardrobes, cabinets, desks, shelves, sinks, kitchens, work stations, bookcases, showcases, etc. Super Bright and Energy Saving: The whole brightness is equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb but it uses 16W only which save you 85% energy cost. Read more Application range Showcase Newcity LED Cabinet Light Kit is ideal for display cabinets and showcase lighting. Under the illumination of the light, the display items inside are very beautiful and shiny. Cabinet lighting Easy to install:Includes all mounting accessories,LED cabinet lighting can be installed with simple screws or with a double-sided tape option (without damaging the cabinet).Equipped with three 50CM cables. It addresses the need for extended cable requirements. You can also use 10 line cards to secure the cable. Locker lighting Are you still upset about finding items in the locker because of the darkness? Installing Newcity cabinet lights can help you solve your troubles. Can make your locker very bright, don't worry about lost items in the future, don't have to look for items in dark lockers Read more NEWCITY DC Plug Extension Cord Cable for 12V Power AdapterLED Sewing Machine Light Working 5ft Cord with Touch Dimmer6pcs Extendable Under Counter LED Light Bars 6500K Pure White RF Remote Control4pcs Motion Sensor LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit - Extendable Under Counter LED4pcs Extendable Under Counter LED Light Bars 5000K Daylight RF Remote ControlStyle: LinkableLED Sewing Machine Light6pcs Under Counter LED Light4pcs Motion Sensor LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit4pcs Under Counter LED LightControl Mode:-Touch dimmingRF Remote Control Switch DimmableMotion SensorRF Remote Control Switch Dimmablespecification:59inchx211.8inchx113.8inchx613.8inchx413.8inchx4Color Temperature:-Pure white(6500K)Pure white(6500K)Pure white(6500K)Daylight(5000K)

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