LED Pathway 125 Landscape Light 12V Solid Brass Low Voltage LED Light G4 3.5W 2700K Bulb Outdoor M



MIK Solutions LED Pathway 125 Landscape Light 12V Solid Brass Low Voltage LED Light G4 3.5W 2700K Bulb Outdoor Mushroom Security Garden Patio Deck Pool Area Light for Beautiful Bright Long LastingMIK Solutions Outdoor Lighting is a direct distributor of high quality outdoor low voltage lighting. All lights are made out of solid brass material proven to withstand various weather elements. Solid brass lights offer the best longevity as brass does NOT contain paint and will not wear off or peel over time. Brass outdoor lighting has beautiful natural patina and will not corrode or disintegrate from moisture or humidity. Our PATH LIGHT provides directional illumination that is ideal for down-lighting pathways, flowerbeds, stairs, and decks. The MIK Path Light uses G4 replaceable 3.5W warm white led bulb that can be replaced in different brightness and color. The most popular color for G4 bulb is our 2700K (warm white color), that looks and feels as a traditional halogen bulb yet consumes only a fraction of electricity. The path light is powered by a low voltage transformer (sold separately) with a safe 12V current. All of our lights are made with high quality components. Path Lights are also referred to as mushroom lights, area lights, or down lights. - Solid Brass Metal does not rust or corrode - Adjustable Angle allows for perfect illumination - Interchangeable Bulb can be replaced when it burns out - Low Voltage Light is much safer to work with and have around your yard. INSTALLATION - Requires Low Voltage transformer - Waterproof Connectors - G4 Bulb - Low Voltage Direct Burial Wire - Maximum of 8 lights per line - Total combined bulb wattage should not exceed transformer capacity. These lights are NOT suitable for commercial projects. Projects light about 7-8 feet in each direction. Height: 22 inches Spacing: you can space lights up to 13-15 feet apart to get great lighting effect on flowerbeds or pathways

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