LED Night Light Van Gogh Iris Flower Plug in Night Light Lamp Auto Senor Dusk to Dawn for Toddler Gi



AUUXVA LED Night Light Van Gogh Iris Flower Plug in Night Light Lamp Auto Senor Dusk to Dawn for Toddler Girls Kids Boys Adults Bedroom Hallway Stairways Home DecorTechnical ParametersVoltage:AC 220V-50HzVoltage:AC 220V-50HzElectric Current:AC 0.02APower:0.2WProduct Features:Automatic electric, power is only 0.2W, real low energyUse energysaving longlife light source of LED, more than10000 hours of continuous workRefined product design, elegant both practical and decorative function is necessary for home furnishing The yieldInstructions for use:Plugged in, small night light brightness according to thelight will automatically adjust the brightness of LED lightsand darker Or lighter in external light automaticallyturnedon or off the light, this product is suitable for the sitingroom, bathroom, bedroom, aisle, study and other placesof household use.Safety precautions:This product is only indoors or in not rain and splashing pla-ces, when using this product do not contact the pin orln thewet hands do not touch the productWhen using this product, please stay away from bed sheets,curtains and other flammable materials, such as products,please stop to use when wet.Do not disassemble or modified using,avoid the child to touch.Quality assurance:Our products follow the national implementation of industrystandards, it is a factory product quality problems, from thepurchase date of the warranty period of 3A month.( non normal use and cause damage to the product, burn out, arenot included in the warranty cases )

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