L-872 24 LED BBQ and Task Light



Moonrays L-872 24 LED BBQ and Task LightStyle:24 LED Product Description With its sleek and energy-efficient design, the L-872 barbecue and task light is surely the ideal gift for the handyman and grill cook in your life. It comes with a variety of clever features, including a 24-inch flexible arm for precise angling, water-resistant construction, and its lightweight, portable design. It also comes with a dual-purpose mounting base, with two heavy-duty magnets and a clamp, making it easy to attach to the edge of a workbench, a countertop, or the side of a grill. Its broad head and 24 LED bulbs (included) offers a wide, bright beam of light in whichever direction you angle it, providing clear, white illumination. This light is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and comes with a one-year limited warranty. .com See larger image. Uniquely designed for a host of projects and applications, this L-872 barbecue and task light by Designers Edge makes a smart and stylish gift for handymen, grill masters, and do-it-yourselfers alike. The sleek, energy-efficient unit offers several clever features to ensure convenient use--from a 24-inch flexible arm for precise light direction to water-resistant construction and a lightweight and portable design. In addition, its dual-purpose mounting base includes both a clamp and two heavy-duty magnets, making it simple to mount to the side of a grill, attach to a metal file cabinet or workbench, or prop over an open hood or toolbox. Equipped with a broad head and 24 super-bright LED bulbs (included), the light casts a generous swath of illumination and supplies up to 50,000 hours of vibrant bulb life, with three AAA batteries (included) eliminating the need for cumbersome wiring. Best of all, its contemporary design and neutral color scheme provide an attractive alternative to blaze-orange work lights and other industrial-looking options. Great for indoor and outdoor use alike, the light carries a one-year limited warranty. About Designers Edge Since 1987 Designers Edge has been 'Lighting the Way' into the future. From the sharp fluorescent hum of a warehouse shop light to the gentle glow of a child's nightlight, Designers Edge prides itself on its vast array of illumination options for residential, industrial, and commercial enterprises alike. The international manufacturer and marketer's indoor and outdoor options include lighting for landscapes, security, work, and home, with bulbs and replacement parts rounding out its full-service selection and anchoring its reputation as an innovator of high-quality, uniquely designed products. L-872 24 LED BBQ and Task Light At a Glance Barbecue/task light with 24-inch flexible arm for precise light direction 24 super-bright LED bulbs with up to 50,000 hours of bulb life Water-resistant construction; lightweight and portable design Dual-purpose mounting base includes both a clamp and two heavy-duty magnets Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included); 1-year limited warranty From the Manufacturer Moonrays Landscape Lighting has something for everyone’s outdoor space- from whimsical accent lights, to solar pathway solar, to complete low-voltage sets. In addition to the exceptional quality of the Moonrays collection, the products feature unique designs that are not seen among other brands in the industry. See more

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