JDE11 Mini Candelabra LED Light Bulb 9.5W(jde11 120v 75w Halogen Bulbs Equivalent)1000lm | 110V-130V

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JDE11 Mini Candelabra LED Light Bulb 9.5W(jde11 120v 75w Halogen Bulbs Equivalent)1000lm | 110V-130V Input | jd Mini can Bulb | E11 Mini Candelabra Base (Warm White 3000K | Dimmable) Pack of 2Color:Warm White 3000K | Dimmable ▼▼ (2020 New Ultra-High Brightness LED E11 Bulb) 136pcs Super Bright 2835 SMD LEDs jde11 halogen bulbs 75 watt-100 watt equivalent (replacement mini candelabra jd e11 75W-100w watt halogen e11) Perfect as candelabra led, ceiling fan bulbs, led chandelier bulb t3 e11 led bulb / t4 jde11 light bulbs why the bulbs flicker when I install ? About 70% of dimming performance is supported, Try not to dim the bulb at the maximum dimming/minimum setting to avoid flickering. One LED compatible dimmer is needed to control the brightness. Why the bulb can not turn off completely? The E11 Led Light bulb may keep glowing slightly even when you turn off power, because a small amount of electricity still run through traditional dimmer or switch which you never notice but LEDs are sensitive to it. This is a common phenomenon and does not affect using. ATTENTIONS : 1.If this LED E11 bulb is used for a lamp holder that supports LED dimming, the lighting effect can reach 100W equivalent. If used in a conventional base / a base that does not support dimming of LED bulbs, or only supports halogen bulb dimming, the lighting effect may be only 75W of traditional halogen bulb. 2. Please using a good quality LED COMPATIBLE DIMMER to keep a stable dimming performance. 3. It is common that flicker and dim may occur in high/low setting when most of appliances using ordinary dimmers. What’s in the Box? 2 pcs WarmWhite 3000K jd e11 led bulbs

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