G12 Warm white LED string lights 25ft (50bulbs) - White wire G12 lights



G12 Warm white LED string lights 25ft (50bulbs) - White wire G12 lightsWarm white G12 light strand with white wire also known as a raspberry light is a small, faceted, globe-shaped bulb that is similar in size to a small raspberry. it is approximately 1/2' diameter. The G12 raspberry string lights are great for wrapping wreaths or garland. Injection molded base/husk. Indoor/Outdoor use. Highly visible. lasts 10 times longer. Requires 75-percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. 4.8 Watts per string.connect up to 30 strands end to end. They use a full wave rectifier. Our led light strings have 4-inch lead, 6-inch spaces, and 4-inch tail. approximate length is 25 feet(50 lens/bulbs).

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