Fizz Creations Color Changing 10 Light Unicorn 78.75' Long Battery Operated Light String



iscream Fizz Creations Color Changing 10 Light Unicorn 78.75' Long Battery Operated Light StringLive brightly all day - and all night! - with this colorful, cheery string light set from Fizz Creations for iscream. Accent lighting has never been more fun and versatile than it is now with battery operated string lights. These fun lights can be put anywhere in a room such as on a bookself, around a window or hung above the bed... the options are endless because there's no need to plug them in! And no matter how much your child has grown, there's always a use for soft lighting to ensure that your child can sleep comfortably and move around safely at night. Fun shaped light covers are constructed of matte finish PVC material and the soft lights glow from within. Light string runs on 2 AA batteries (not included) and measures 78.75' long when fully extended.You know iscream as your favorite brand for products that combine colorful fun, to-die-for design and quintessential quality and now iscream has partnered with Fizz Creations to provide even more fun, engaging and quality products for you to enjoy! Fizz Creations pushes the boundaries of design and innovation and partnered with isceam, the fun will just multiply! At iscream - and Fizz Creations - we are obsessed with fun, function and style - see our whole line for new ideas and old favorites with a new twist!

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