Findyouled Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Landscape Lighting 48 LED 1000 Lumen Cast Aluminium Wall Ligh

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Findyouled Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Landscape Lighting 48 LED 1000 Lumen Cast Aluminium Wall Lights, 2-in-1 Adjustable Light, Auto On/Off (White) Note: Please make sure to turn on the switch of light body before use(you can feel the button below the plastic cap is sunk). The light is light sensitive and won't light up in bright place. To turn on the light in the daytime, please fully cover the solar panel and make sure there is no light source or sunshine detected. Provide great landscape or dramatic lighting options This light is really perfect for anything outdoors that needs to be illuminated: driveway, flag, sign, path, yard, Garage, Patios, Deck areas or even a particular tree or plant. Automatic Illumination With light sensor on solar panel, the light goes on at dusk automatically and stay on 6 hours more Works All Night Long Bigger solar panels to absorb more sunshine and this light can last for 6~10 hours Easy To Install Metal body and black finish with IP55 waterproof, separate 2 watt solar panel with 16.4 foot wire, no AC or DC power is needed. Solar=Green Energy, Save Money Solar-powered floodlight with efficient solar panel, no AC or DC power is needed, these Solar light will not only be saving you quite a bit in 'rewiring' fees for a powered flood light, it will also save $ on your electrical bill. If your weather is sunnier, you should be very satisfied with this product. About FindyouLED We focuses on developing and selling LED lights and LED appliances for home & garden, and We devote ourselves to improving and creating a better home time for you.

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