F8T5/BL 8-Watt T5 Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb Mini Bi Pin Base, Black Light, 10-Pack



Sunlite F8T5/BL 8-Watt T5 Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb Mini Bi Pin Base, Black Light, 10-PackStyle:8 watts (12-Inch) | Color:Black Light Sunlite fluorescent lamps are very popular for use in office and other lighting applications. The characteristics of fluorescent lamps vary type of lamp. Fluorescents lamps are used so widely due to their low operating costs and because they are efficient, last for years, and are high quality and rapid starting. Fluorescent lamps can cost significantly less to operate over their lifetime than incandescent lamps. Life ratings for fluorescent lamps range from 6,000 to 36,000 hours based on the industry standard of 3 burning hours per start. Also, rapid start and instant start lamps typically start within 1 second of being turned on. The High Perfomance and High Output versions also give you and even better efficacy and energy efficiency. Look for a higher CRI for improved light quality. Sunlite 38020-SU F8T5/BL Black Light T5 Black Light & Black Light Blue Straight Tube Fluorescent 8 Watt lamp features a Mini Bi Pin base, provides a light output of 0 lumens at a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 0 and can last an average of 6000 hours.

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