Brella Lights - Patio Umbrella Lighting System with Power Pod & 8 Rib, White



Blue Star Group Brella Lights - Patio Umbrella Lighting System with Power Pod & 8 Rib, White'Keep the party going long after the sun goes down ' with the innovative outdoor lighting that easily attaches to the ribs of any 8-rib patio umbrella. In Min, brella lights creates an alluring festive or romantic atmosphere to 'set the mood' for any after dark patio or deck activity. A one-time installation will provide the right amount of soft, subtle light at tabletop - on-demand. No need for recharging, costly battery replacement or light fixture storage. Our 'power Pod' feature clips to the pole & offers additional electrical outlets for your favorite appliances. With the convenience of our appealing in-line light design & the 'power Pod' receptacle at tabletop you can read, watch TV, listen to music, or blend a smoothie while enjoying late night gatherings with family & friends. Brella lights are designed to stay on the umbrella when it is closed, opened, or stored. If any of the 160 bulbs burn out the rest of the lights remain lit. U.L. Listed for outdoor use.

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