9W LED Light Bulbs - | A19 Dimmable LED Lightbulbs 9W Light Bulb (60W Equiv.) 2700K - JA8 CA Complia



9W LED Light Bulbs - Simply Conserve | A19 Dimmable LED Lightbulbs 9W Light Bulb (60W Equiv.) 2700K - JA8 CA Compliant | 6 Pack (L09A1927K-JA8)About the 9W LED Light BulbThe Simply Conserve by AM Conservation Group 9W LED A19 Light Bulb provides 25,000 hours of service, lasting 15 times longer than incandescents. The pack contains 6 LED light bulbs that meet California state LED regulations and are approved for sale there. Also compared to an incandescent, these light bulbs use 80% less energy. It is also equipped with a 220° beam angle that produces even light from the socket base in all directions and can be used in enclosed fixtures.About AM Conservation GroupAM Conservation Group’s purpose is to help all people use the world’s precious resources more efficiently. We are a leading provider of energy- and water-saving products, kits, online stores, and educational programs to utilities, municipalities, program implementers, contractors, and large corporations throughout North America. AM Conservation Group manufactures and distributes nearly 400 utility-grade energy efficiency and water conservation products, which are custom engineered to provide superior performance and maximum savings at an accessible price point. Most of our AM Conservation Group, Niagara Conservation, and Simply Conserve-branded products have earned the EPA’s Watersense and ENERGY STAR certifications.

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