82071 - A19FR9/827/ECO/LED/6 A19 A Line Pear LED Light Bulb



Halco 82071 - A19FR9/827/ECO/LED/6 A19 A Line Pear LED Light BulbLooking for warm light to brighten your living room, dining room, hallways or bedrooms? The Halco A19FR9/827 light bulb will give you the warm glow of an incandescent light bulb with the eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency of a long-life LED bulb. These ProLED omni-directional bulbs will help you keep the lights on longer with a high-quality frosted plastic construction that makes them shatter-resistant. LED bulbs are built to last with a solid material exterior to eliminate the damage of filaments and tubes. The bulbs also come UL-listed for damp locations, making them the multi-faceted lights you need. Halco A19FR9/827 bulbs are a part of the contractor series dimmable bulbs, which will give you the ability to control the brightness and color that the bulbs emit. These bulbs are 120V and emit a 2700K warm, white light similar to previously used incandescent lights without compromising the benefits of LED lights. As a bonus, LED lights can save you money by cutting up to 85% of energy costs. When you order a six-pack of these light bulbs, you’ll get a versatile product that can be used to brighten a variety of locations. The lights can be used to provide a soft, white glow in residential areas in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and hallways. These bulbs can also be used for ceiling fans to offer added light in needed areas. Halco A19FR9/827/eco/led/6 can also brighten commercial spaces at economical prices. This product is a light bulb that will last longer and provide your home or business with eco-friendly advantages. These ProLED omni-directional bulbs will give you the quality you need to cut energy costs and brighten your space.

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