80010-SU PAR20/LED/2W/A 3-watt 120-volt Medium Base LED PAR20 Turtle Friendly Lamp, Amber



Sunlite 80010-SU PAR20/LED/2W/A 3-watt 120-volt Medium Base LED PAR20 Turtle Friendly Lamp, AmberColor:Amber Sunlite LED lamps are extremely energy efficient and will greatly reduce your energy costs. These lamps can last up to 30,000 Hours making them virtually maintenance free. They contain no mercury elements and do not release any hazardous gasses so there no need to worry in case a bulb breaks and no need for any special recycling as with CFLs. With their high efficiency, their low wattage does not mean you lose out on brightness. This 120 volts, 3 Watt, Par20 reflector features a medium base, produces a spectacular amber light at 20 lumens and can fit right into your living room or into the most cutting edge, state of the art, lighting design project. Whether it’s a female sea turtle seeking nesting grounds or a new-born sea turtle seeking the sea for the first time, sea turtles instinctively use lighting to orient around the beach. Research has shown that low-wave and low-lumens output lighting can help reduce the confusion to the turtles. With this lamp one can help reduce risk to the sea turtle. Check your local laws regarding beach lighting. Per FWC sea turtle lighting guidelines lamps must be installed in low, shielded fixtures. Protected by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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