59405WD Indoor/Outdoor Light Control Socket With Photocell



Woods 59405WD Indoor/Outdoor Light Control Socket With PhotocellProduct DescriptionForget about turning your own lights off each morning to conserve energy. With the Woods 59405WD Photocell Light Sensor Socket Switch, that job is now automated. No special wiring or additional setup is required. Simply unscrew the bulb you currently have installed, replace it with the photocell and screw the bulb into the photocell socket. This smart device automatically detects outdoor light levels, meaning it will know when the sun goes down and comes up and turn your lights on and off accordingly. It’s also compatible with CFL, LED, mercury vapor, incandescent, and more types of bulbs. Maximum recommended usage is 100 Watts.From the ManufacturerWoods 59404 Photocell Light Sensor Socket Switch. Make your life easier with photocell automation. It automatically turns your lights on at night. Simply turn off your light and carefully remove the bulb. Screw the photocell into the light socket! There is no wiring required. Screw the bulb into the new photocell socket, and turn the light on. When it becomes dark, the photocell will turn on the bulb and the cycle begins. The light switch must be in the on position for the socket to work. and this is not meant for use with dimmers. recommended maximum usage is 100Watt light bulbs. This indoor light control will add simplicity

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