45421OZ, Camerena Glass Wall Sconce Lighting, 1 Light, 100 Watts, Olde Bronze



Kichler 45421OZ, Camerena Glass Wall Sconce Lighting, 1 Light, 100 Watts, Olde BronzeThe Camerena 1 light wall sconce with Olde Bronze finish and white scavo glass that's tinted Light Umber on the inside measures 6' in width and 12.5' in body height. It is damp rated, and you can choose whether to mount the glass facing up or down. Requires one 100W max bulb (not included). The white scavo with light umber inside tinted glass provides a beautiful, ambient lighting to the entire room. Think of it as a foundation or a canvas upon which to paint a distinctive lighting picture. It’s a beautiful light source in your living space. Cleaning instructions: Turn off electric current before cleaning. Clean metal components with a soft cloth moistened with a mild liquid soap solution. Wipe clean and buff with a very soft dry cloth. Under no circumstances should any metal polish be used, as it is abrasive nature could damage the protective finish placed on the metal parts. Never wash glass shades in an automatic dishwasher. Instead, line a sink with a towel and fill with warm water and mild liquid soap. Wash glass with a soft cloth, rinse and wipe dry. At Kichler, everything we do, every single day, is with the intention of creating and delivering products that allow people to see what matters most to them. We do this by relentlessly pursuing quality, ensuring continued innovation, always going one step further in our commitment to exceptional customer service and education, as well as creating on trend designs that are both stylish and 'life stylish,' promising to deliver project success for you.

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