300W (1500W Metal Halide Equiv) LED Corn Light Bulb, Large Mogul E39 Base, 43782 Lumens, 5000K, IP64



300W (1500W Metal Halide Equiv) LED Corn Light Bulb, Large Mogul E39 Base, 43782 Lumens, 5000K, IP64 Waterproof Outdoor Indoor Area Lighting, Replaces MH HID, CFL, HPSColor:5000K | Size:300W - E39 EverWatt LED Corn Light Bulbs E39 Mogul Base HID/HPS/MH/CFL Retrofit Replacements LED Corn bulbs are the latest in 360-degree, LED area lighting technology. They're called 'corn lights' because of the ear-of-corn look to the strips of LEDs surrounding the bulb, not because of the color. Brighten and save on your outdoor and indoor lighting with our LED corn light bulb, with 60,000 hour rated LEDs and fan you can rely on. Our commercial and industrial grade LED lighting is constructed with heavy-duty corrosion resistant materials. These LED corn light bulbs can replace high intensity discharge (HID), high pressure sodium (HPS), incandescent, and metal halide (MH) luminaires. DLC-tested, those requirements must be completed by an accredited laboratoryImportant - we note actual lumens emitted. Some companies note their chip lumens instead of the actual lumens emitted, but the lumens lost due to the light's cover are unaccounted for with that method. Don't be fooled by other old technology. Our lights are made in 2019 with the newest tech, verified by the date code on the box. About EverWatt LED Lights WE STARTED TWO BLOCKS FROM TWITTER, AIRBNB, AND LINKEDIN Silicon Valley got its name from computer chips. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, aren’t just “like” computer chips, they are computer chips. They’re silicon injected with specific impurities to light up when a voltage is applied, and Silicon Valley perfected them. When you want the latest led tech wizardry, it’s our EverWatt lab coat nerds that are committed to building lights that exceed tomorrow’s standards, and nerding out about lumen efficacy during their lunch break.

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