3 Panels 7 inch Compact Size LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchle



EShine 3 Panels 7 inch Compact Size LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Cool White (6000K)LED Lighting with Hand Wave Activation and Touchless Dimming Control Light, Your Way Are you searching for a kitchen lighting solution that allows for full control without you having to touch a thing? Are there areas in your home or office where you need light, but you don’t want to spend a fortune and a day on bulky lighting systems? Do you need under-cabinet lighting that anyone can install regardless of their technical aptitude? Discover Touch-Free LED Lighting with This 3-Bar 7 inch Under-Cabinet LED Lighting Kit! What’s Included? · 1X LED bar with IR sensor (this bar acts as a controller unit for rest of lights in the chain) · 2X LED bar without sensor · 2X Connection cables (3.3 ft each) · 2X Connectors · 6X Wire Clips with 3M sticker preinstalled · 3X 3M double-sided stickers · 6X Screws · 6X Screw caps · 1X 12W power supply Each LED bar has 18 LED's and 150lm brightness. Panel Size 7.1(L) X 0.38(H) X 1.13 (W) inch It’s a snap to expand your installation with more LED bars; just search for EShine accessories and follow the wattage consumption chart to ensure your lights will run at optimum brightness. Instant Bright Light at the Wave of Your Hand Complete with a sensitive sensor specifically designed to respond to hand waves, you’re able to turn these cabinet lights on and off with a simple wave – it’s as easy as that! Better still, you can also adjust the brightness of these lights by holding your hand over the sensor, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen with ease. Choose Color Temperature Warm white helps make a cozy kitchen, while cool white enables you to see with exactitude in a garage or workshop. Choose Color Finish Available in White and Black Finishes. The Choice is Yours ! Super Easy to Install Unlike many other modern LED lighting systems available on the market today, these lights are simple to fix in place – with two methods of installation for you to choose from. Read more Read more Read more

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