103L Cordless LED Picture Light, 11.5-Inch, Black



Concept Lighting 103L Cordless LED Picture Light, 11.5-Inch, BlackThis Cordless Picture Light way outshines any others- Bright, dimmable, over 100 hours of battery life AND Remote Controlled! Advanced solid state circuit using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology provides over 100 hours of life (on brightest setting!). Safe for artwork- No UV/No Heat. Easy installation (wall or frame mounted). Remote Control with dimming included. (Light can be controlled by remote or on main unit). Use one controller for multiple lights. For pictures up to 3 feet wide. Easy 'drop-in' style battery replacement. 100 hour rating measured by cycling at 12 hours of operation with a 2 hour rest period in between (on brightest setting) using alkaline batteries. Better performance-up to 150 hours total operation- under realistic conditions of 4-5 hours (one evening's use) at a time. The maintenance free LED's last virtually forever due to their 50,000 hour rating. They provide an unparalleled warm white color temperature and superior dispersion of light as compared to traditional LED's for a warm, even glow over artwork.

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