Solar Ground Lights Outdoor, 8 LED Solar Disk Lights Garden Lights Waterproof Solar Pathway Lights



Doingart Solar Ground Lights Outdoor, 8 LED Solar Disk Lights Garden Lights Waterproof Solar Pathway Lights with Light Sensor for Lawn,Pathway,Yard,Driveway,Step and Walkway-White (4 Pack)Color:4pack-8 Led Light Doingart 4Pack 8 Led Solar Ground Lights with Wireless, stainless, waterproof and durable design, great for outdoor indoor garden yard lawn patio pathway steps pool landscape pathway lights--wherever you need lighting at night. - Solar-Powered - Energy-Saving - IP65 Waterproof - Light-Sensor, Automatically turn on/off - 8 Hours Soft Light - No Wiring or Cables -Easy to Install How the Solar Garden Light Works? During the day, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and recharges the internal batteries. At night, the light turns on automatically and uses the energy stored in the batteries. The number of hours the light stays on depends on the amount of sunlight received the day before. Up to a maximum of approx. 8-10 hours. Warm Tips: 1. Position your solar ground light product in a location where it can be exposed to maximum sunlight during the day. Do not try to position your solar light in a place where the solar radiation is reduced, eg. under trees or shrubs. 2. The solar disk lights automatically switches on at night via the built-in light sensor. This sensor may not work if the lights are positioned in a location where bright light falls on the unit during the dark hours, Specification: LED: 4pcs, 8 LEDs bulbs for every lights Light color: Warm white Solar panel: 2V 100mA Waterproof grade: IP65 Charging time: 6-8 hours Working time: 8-10 hours Lithium battery: 600 mAh Item weight: 0. 54Kg / 1. 2 lb. Package size: 12. 5 * 12 * 12 cm / 4. 9 * 4. 7 * 4. 7 in (L * W * H) Package list: 4 * Solar Lawn lights 8 * Spikes 1 * User manual

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