Rechargeable Pen Light Flashlight: 360-Lumens flash light, Features FLEX Power use AA batteries or

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NEBO Rechargeable Pen Light Flashlight: 360-Lumens flash light, Features FLEX Power use AA batteries or included rechargeable battery, NEBO Inspector RC 6810 3-PackRead more Illuminate Your World NEBO exists to provide take-charge people with innovative lighting products that consistently deliver on the promise of value and performance. NEBO Inspector RC NEBO Mycro is a Premium Rechargeable Pen Light. The 360 lumen rechargeable pen flashlight features Flex Power technology and 3 unique light modes that can handle any lighting task. FLEX Power Rechargeable Waterproof Zoomable 3 Light Modes Powerful Read more FLEX Power NEBO Inspector RC features FLEX Power Technology, meaning that you can power it with either the included lithium battery or 2x AAA batteries. Rechargeable The Inspector RC is shipped to you with the lithium ion battery already installed. You will also receive a USB to Micro USB charging cable. Waterproof The NEBO Inspector RC is fully waterproof with an IP67 rating. This means that you can take your Inspector RC 1 meter underwater. Read more Zoomable The Inspector RC provide you with a 4x zoom capability. This allows you to have both, a wide field of view as well as the ability to focus your beam of light on whatever you like. 3 Light Modes The NEBO Inspector RC features 3 light modes; high, low and strobe. The modes provide you great options for utilizing your light. The power output varies depending on the mode and power source. Powerful The Inspector RC is a powerful pen light that is constructed anodized aircraft grade aluminum that outputs 360 lumens , it is rechargeable, waterproof and is highly portable. Read more Slyde King - Gen 2SlimGlowMycroLumens per Flashlight500 Lumens500 Lumens220 Lumen400 LumensBody MaterialAnodized Aircraft Grade AluminumAnodized Aircraft Grade AluminumRugged Plastic with Rubberized GripAnodized Aircraft Grade AluminumMagnet LocationBaseBaseNoneNoneOn/Off ButtonSide Position On/Off ButtonSide Positioned On/Off ButtonTop Positioned On/Off ButtonBottom Positioned On/Off ButtonBatteries1x Li-ion1x Li-ion3x AAA1x Li-ionClipNoYesNoNoSize6.875 x 1.75 inches4.1 x 1.77 x 1.25 inches4.625 x 4.625 x 6.75 inches1.73 x 1.16 x 0.67 inchesWeight12.8 oz4 oz7.52 oz2.1 oz