Extendable Flashlight 3W COB & LED Lamp

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Neocraft Extendable Flashlight 3W COB & LED LampFor over 20 years, Neocraft has been manufacturing high-quality products for consumers and businesses. Neocraft COB LED flashlight and lamp are necessary helpers when you work in the darkness or at night. You can attach this light to anywhere as you like by magnetic base. This flashlight is versatile enough for multiple uses. Handheld Flashlight Super Bright & Zoomable: Highly efficient LED with great output. Our super bright LED light is powerful enough to light up an entire space or zoom in on distant objects. Tough & Reliable: Our 3w COB lamp and 3w high beam flashlight are meticulously crafted from the aircraft grade alloy aluminum housing so they can easily withstand the test of time. Magnetic Base: Our LED light comes with a strong rare earth magnet at the bottom to attach to a suitable ferrous surface. You can attach it to car hoods, steel-framed shelters, toolboxes and much more! Read more Read more Read more