Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

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Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle SafeRead more AX11652 Specs Item: AX11652 Metal Thickness: 14 Gauge Locking Module: Biometric Exterior Dimensions (DxWxH): 8.63' x 9.5' x 52.13' Interior Dimensions (DxWxH): 7.63' x 9.7' x 52' Weight: 62 lbs Instant Home Defense & Absolute Firearm Security 3.7 million home invasions occur every year – and 27% of the time, a family member is at home. With Barska’s Biometric Rifle Safe, firearm access and home defense are as quick as 2.5 seconds. Tamper-resistant, pry-proof, and crafted with steel, our renowned Biometric Fingerprint Safe ensures secure firearm storage away from your kids and effectively deters unauthorized access. Store your shotgun, rifles, handguns, and ammo all in one compact and mountable location. Higher level of security for your firearms 2.5 sec fast firearm access for home defense Anti-Pry Concealed Door Hinges Department of Justice approved 4 Position Rifle Rests Protective Floor Mat Included: Mounting Hardware ; Backup Keys x 2 ; Emergency Battery Pack x 1 ; AA Batteries x 4 Read more Crafted for Secure Firearm Storage Steel Protection Solidly built with 100% steel walls and tamper-resistant inner edges, the Biometric Rifle Safe ensures wall-to-wall protection that lasts. Its 3 built-in steel deadbolts create a 3 point locking system that resists prying, locks out thieves, and keeps your firearms away from your kids. Stealthy Home Defense For stealthier home defense, just activate silent mode by pressing and holding the red button for 10 seconds. The Biometric Rifle Safe emits a warning tone when battery runs low, so you can have extra peace of mind. Backup Access Battery-efficient biometric technology delivers low power consumption and allows 4 AA batteries to power the safe for up to 1 year (or 10,000 scans). For additional unlocking methods, use the included keys or enjoy power when you need it with the backup battery pack. Proven Value Barska is determined to deliver quality products at an affordable value. Our Biometric Fingerprint Lock has undergone and passed stringent testing for burglary protection. Read more Advanced Biometrics: Instant 2.5 Second Access You don’t have the luxury to find your key or input a combination during high-stress situations. With a press of a button, the biometric module accurately scans and stores up to 120 fingerprints in its central database. You’ll have foolproof, high-level biometric security that easily surpasses outdated keypad, key, or combination safes. With Barska’s Biometric Rifle Safe, you can enjoy up to a 100% unlocking rate on the first attempt – even during high stress or home invasions. Simply scan the same finger multiple times at different angles. Towards the Side of the Sensor Place and scan your finger on the rightmost side of the sensor. Make sure at least 2/3rd of your fingerprint is on the sensor or else the biometric module will not detect it. Scan your finger at the leftmost side of the sensor as well. Horizontally on the Sensor Place your finger horizontally on the sensor with your finger pointing to the right. The walls surrounding the module will prevent you from fully pressing your finger to the sensor. To successfully register your fingerprint, simply press the tips of your finger (the top 2/3rd) as firmly as you can to the sensor. Scan in the opposite direction with your finger pointing to the left. Higher and Lower on the Sensor Place your finger high on the sensor. Make sure at least 2/3rd of your fingerprint is on the sensor or else the biometric module will not detect it. The very tip of your finger will not be on the sensor. You should also scan your finger low on the sensor with only the top 2/3rd of your fingerprint pressed to the sensor. Diagonally To the Side Horizontally High & Low AX11652AX12760AX11898AX11780Rifle Storage Position441216Number of Shelves1133Number of Deadbolts3355Fingerprint Memory120120120120Pin CodeNone1NoneNoneStorage Space (ft³)1.831.835.59.33Outer Dimensions 9.75' x 8.63' x 52.13'9.75' x 8.63' x 52.13'13.75' x 13.75' x 57.13'19.63' x 16' x 57'Inner Dimensions 9.7' x 7.63' x 52'9.7' x 7.63' x 52'13.5' x 12.25' x 56.89'19.3' x 14.88' x 56.5'Product Weight62 lbs62 lbs104.3 lbs137 lbsDOJ-Approved✓✓✓✓