'Water Pipes' LED Window Smoke Shop Sign - Extra Bright LED Bulbs, Can be seen Through Tinted Window



'Water Pipes' LED Window Smoke Shop Sign - Extra Bright LED Bulbs, Can be seen Through Tinted Windows. Extra Large 32 inches Wide - ON/Off/Flashing Mode (#1009)Color:Water.pipesWhy Large LED Window Sign? Looking for the latest advertising platform that will attract a large volume of foot traffic for your business? These LED window signs will do just that with there dynamic animated lighting. Our hand soldered LED OPEN Signs use high efficiency diodes that can be seen up to a distance of 150ft. Therefore, will reduce energy consumption (up to 80%) when compared to neon. LED window signs will last about 50,000 hours. Similarly, equivalent to 10 years. LEDfactory‘s LED Business Signs are made of durable acrylic,not like cheaper quality led signs that are made with cardboard backing. The LED window signs are considered to be environmentally friendly because they are not made with the toxic gases like Mercury or Argon. As a result will not produce toxic gases that damages the environment We pride ourselves at being able to offer premium quality signs at prices that are affordable. You can choose between 3 different illumination modes (on, off, 2 blinking modes) A 12V DC power supply and chain to hang the LED sign will be included in the box. You can contact with us for any question. Large LED Window Sign Specifications : W x H x D……………: 13″ x 32″ x 2″ Material……………….: Front – Acrylic Panel, Back – ABS Plastic Placement Style………: Hanging Orientation…………..: Landscape Light Type……………: High Quality Super Bright LED Diode Features………………: Illuminated, Animation Operation Modes…….: Pull Chain Switch With 3 Modes.(On / Off / 2 Blinking Modes) What’s in Large LED Window Sign Package : Sign UL Power Adapter 42″ Length Hanging Metal Chain 28″ Length Extension String

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