Neon Signs, Girl Girls Girls Pink Neon Light Handmade Cute Neon Lamps Custom Red Neon Wall Light for



Neon Signs, Girl Girls Girls Pink Neon Light Handmade Cute Neon Lamps Custom Red Neon Wall Light for Beer Bar Bedroom 10'x10'Color:Girls Girls Girls Neon Signs 10'x10' Real Glass Tube, The neon light can be used as a lamp light,shop open decor,beer bar pub wall hanging,home room wall hanging,handcraft artwork,viusal artwork,advertising sign,wall art light and also a great personalized gift. Good for beach party pub bedroom game room hotel store garage and holiday decorations. It is also a great gift for Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines or Love gift. Difference between LED neon signs with Real Glass Neon Signs? ♥First of all,the material are different,led neons are using pvc and cover led,they are illuminant,light souce,when it have electronic,then they will lighting up.But Real glass neon signs are using the real glass neon tubes and fulfill the neon,they are not lighting up by electic only,they need the enough voltage to inspire the neon,the colors are depending on the neon gas.So real glass neon signs color is more colorful. ♥Secondly,led neon signs are using the led belt to pieced together,so the terminal of the belt are rough,real glass neon signs are bending the glass through fire,so it's more flexible to bending any complicate designs,and need more handling job to complete a design,but can finished more creative designs. ♥Thirdly,led neon signs are series connection,if any parts didn't light up,need to changing the whole sign.But real glass neons are using tubes by tubes,any parts broken,just need to replace the exact tube,then the whole sign will lighting up again. ♥At last,because the material is more expensive and need more procedure to complete the design.So the price is much higher than led neon signs.And real glass neon signs service life is longer than led neon signs and will not changing the color during using,led neon signs after work 4~6 months,the light will getting darker. So,if customers just need this for a specific and urgent event,led neon signs is a better choise.But customers want to using much longer time for decorating,real glass neon signs is a better choise.

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