20 Pieces 19mm x 25mm Stainless Steel Advertise Glass Sign Standoff Mounting Hardware Screws



Lantee 20 Pieces 19mm x 25mm Stainless Steel Advertise Glass Sign Standoff Mounting Hardware ScrewsTotally Size: 19mm x 25 mm, about 3/4' x 1'. Barrel length: 20mm, about 3/4' from the wall to the back of the glass or panel. Thread Stud Diameter: 3/8' (9.5mm) ,suggest hole size of panel is 9.5~13.5mm.Barrel Bottom Hole Size: 5mm, about 3/16', any screw that can pass through the hole and fix the barrel will work. Thread Stud length: 11/16', suggest to hold the glass or panel with a thickness less than 1/2'. How to install: Make sure the thickness of your galss or sign is less than 1/2'. Buy the 19 x 25mm standoff from Lantee Drill holes on your sign, and make sure the hole size range is 9.5 to 13.5. Mark the holes of your sign on the wall, make sure the sign will install on the right place. Drive the anchor screw to the wall, make sure the screw stud diameter is lower than 5mm. Install the barrel on the wall. Put the sign or glass on and thread the stud to the barrel Read more Material: Stainless Steel Easy to use and install Every standoff have clear rubber spacer between Stud and Barrel, which will protect your galss. Package include: 20 pieces 19 x 25mm stainless steel standoff. Note: the screw is not included 12x20mm Standoffs12x25mm Standoffs12x30mm Standoffs16x25mm Standoffs19x30mm Standoffs19x40mm StandoffsSize12x20mm12x25mm12x30mm16x25mm19x30mm19x40mmMaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelSupported Hole Size of Panel7.5~9mm7.5~9mm7.5~9mm9.5~12mm9.5~13.5mm9.5~13.5mmSupported Thickness of Panel<=3/8'<=3/8'<=3/8'<=1/2'<=1/2'<=1/2'Package Quantity20 Pcs20 Pcs20 Pcs20 Pcs20 Pcs20 PcsFrom Panel to Wall15mm20mm25mm20mm25mm35mm

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