120PCS Round Refrigerator Magnets Disc10mmx2mm with Double Sided Adhesive 10mm Permanent,Fridge,DIY,



120PCS Round Refrigerator Magnets Disc10mmx2mm with Double Sided Adhesive 10mm Permanent,Fridge,DIY,Building,Scientific,Craft,Office MagnetsSize Name:Disc:10X2mm(120pack)Set of 120-PACK & 30PACK Adhesive Backing SIZE: 10mm X 2mm Multi-Use As For The Prefect Size and Magnetic, Magnets Can be Easily Stick to any Stainless Steel refrigerator, Washing machine, office board.School Lockers Etc. Prefect For Office,Craft,Science Project,School Supplies, Hobby, Even Creat DIY Project. ☺Unleash your creativity and have fun!☺➤About The Round Disc Magnets :Colour:Silver✳Quantity:Set of 108✳Shape:Round➤Multi-Use Magnets :.Fridge magnets.Whiteboard magnets.DIY, map magnets,Hang key.Science projects, office magnets.Art and crafts .Organize to-do lists.......... ➤High Quality:Smooth,Shiny,Corrosion Resistant Surface➤WARNING :KEEP AWAY FROM ALL CHILDREN. Do not swallow or place into mouth or nose. Also keep away from heart pacemakerBE CAUTIOUS NOT TO COLLIDE THEM FIERCELY. Throw away when broke.Round Fridge Magnets Round refrigerator Magnets,Handcraft DIY Magnets, for Office Dry Erase Board,Round White board Home Scientific Craft kitchen Office Crafts Science Household School sign whiteboard map pushpin note or picture holder hard ware hanger Magnet magnetic n set heavy duty whiteboard kids adhesive backing,bar decorative gray industrial x Thin Ceramic Anti Scratch Pads Organization Silver Pins tool tools

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