Assorted Picture Hanging Kit | 220 Piece Assortment with Wire, Picture Hangers, Hooks, Nails and Ha

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Assorted Picture Hanging Kit | 220 Piece Assortment with Wire, Picture Hangers, Hooks, Nails and Hardware for FramesAssorted Picture Hanging Kit | 220 Pieces Our Kit Includes: 25 - 10 lb. Hooks 15 - 20 lb. Hooks 10 - 30 lb. Hooks 6 - 40 lb. Heavy Duty Hooks 4 - 75 lb. Heavy Duty Hook 25 - 1 1/2 inch Nails 10 - D-Ring Hangers 10 - Sawtooth Backs 10 - Ring Hooks 1 - 36 Gague #2 Steel Twisted Wire (approx. 10ft. in length, up to 10 lbs. weight capacity) IMPORTANT: Do not exceed hook weight ratings. Weight ratings are based on installation into studs and reinforced drywall. Wall surface, and its condition may reduce weight holding capacity. Key Features Hang up to 85 Items Nails are Matched to Their Hooks Hooks Notched for Added Strength Extra Hardware for Different Hanging Projects Hangers for All Projects The Hecho Picture Hanging Kit is designed to provide the best mix of hooks and hangers for any picture hanging project. Each of the hooks in this kit features a notched design which gives them their reinforcing support. Clocking in at a weight holding capacity of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 75 pounds, our hooks are ready to support all of the different items you need to hang. Read more Nails Matched to Hooks Each group of hooks are matched with their correct nails. Spend less time guessing which nails to use and more enjoying your completed hanging project. Extra Hardware The kit includes sawtooth hangers, ring hooks, wire and small d-rings for frames that need a custom hardware solution. Great for frames that may be missing hanging hardware. Notched Hooks A notch is built into each hook. The notch helps give the hook it's strength when met with the downward force of items hanging off of the hook. The Perfect Mix The mix of hooks and hangers in our kit is perfect for hanging different sized items around your home or office. Even tackle larger hanging projects. Read more Easy to Install Nailing each hook into reinforced drywall or a stud is simple and easy. Hang your clocks, frames, mirrors, paintings, artwork and more. Read more This Item30lb Picture HangersMax. Hangable Items8535Hook StyleNotchedNotchedWeight Capacity1 - 75 lbs.30 lbs.