12 Pcs 30mm Round Shape Crystal Glass Cabinet Knobs with Screws Drawer Knob Pull Handle Used for K

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ANJUU 12 Pcs 30mm Round Shape Crystal Glass Cabinet Knobs with Screws Drawer Knob Pull Handle Used for Kitchen, Dresser, Door, Cupboard (Pink)Splendid Visual Effects With scrub polishing process, the round shape has a perfect texture that ensures comfortable and wonderful touch. It shines in the light and make splendid visual effects in the room if several of them are used, so as to live up the room and make it elegant. The cabinet knob has a solid, durable construction providing long lasting hardware with an elegant, classy look, come with 2 different screws for you guys. Great reflection of various kinds of brilliant colors when they catch the light.The round shape design makes for a noticeable change for any cabinetry and add a look of luxury to the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. Color Choice: pink, purple, blue, black, yellow, clear, red, green, azure, amber Great for DIY project and DIY for different style. Premium Quality Elegant Look Full of Luster Meet Different Needs You can use our crystal handle knobs, which is not only easy to install, but also beautiful and easy to use. Creat a luxurious environment for home or office. Whatever you like, drawer knobs are suitable for every furniture decoration style. Decoration for any occasion can be used for crystal glass cabinet knobs. It has magical effect in decorating or refreshing furniture like drawer, cabinet, cupboard, wardrobe etc . Widely Used in a variety of Furnitures. It's quite easy for you to install them just with home little tool. It comes with 2 different sized screws and you can upgrade any projects instantly. The crystal is fastened to the base with powerful glue. Sturdy and not easy to come apart. The knob is well made from real glass and zinc ally.It looks nice and is perfect for most of your projects at home. Read more Round Shape Cabinet KnobsDiamond Shape Cabinet KnobsDiamond Shape Cabinet Knobs with Silver Base Round Shape Bubble Cabinet Knobs40mm Diamond Shape Cabinet KnobsQuality✓✓✓✓✓Size30mm30mm30mm30mm40mmShapeRound ShapeDiamond ShapeDiamond Shape with Silver BaseRound Shape with BubbleDiamond ShapeScrews✓✓✓✓✓Screwdriver✓More Color Choice✓✓✓✓✓