Solitaire LED AAA Flashlight - Blister Pack

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MagLite Solitaire LED AAA Flashlight - Blister Pack'A Keychain-Size Flashlight with Big-Light Power' That describes our all-new MAG-LITE SOLITAIRE LED Flashlight. It features the classic look of our original Solitaire flashlight introduced in 1988. And it works in the same simple way – just twist the head to turn on, turn off and focus spot to flood. POWERED BY 1 'AAA' ALKALINE BATTERY But thanks to a new, state-of-the-art LED light engine, you get something you just wouldn’t expect to see coming out of a flashlight so small: A blast of power that can light up an object at the far end of the parking lot.Military Government Law Enforcement Civilian Security Specifications: Length: 3-3/16' (81 mm) Barrel Diameter: 1/2' (12.70 mm) Head Diameter: 1/2' (12.70 mm) Weight with batteries: 0.8 oz. (24 g) Batteries Required: (1) AAA size alkaline (included)