Inspired by Nordic decoration

The Scandinavian atmosphere is inspired by the layout of the 50s and 70s and is intended for lovers of relaxing and warm decoration.

This trend of interior decoration comes from the Nordic countries, especially from Norway and Sweden. It advocates a sleek design, inspired by the cold environment of the harsh winter of the Great North and Scandinavian landscapes turned to nature.

The main purpose of the Scandinavian atmosphere is to create a soothing and pure atmosphere. A north wind blows in the living room... To recreate this particular atmosphere at home, some basic rules must be respected.


Use white and soft colors

Everything must be clear. White is, therefore, a key element of Scandinavian decoration. You can even dare the total white look by placing a white floor and painting your walls in that tone.

The shades of white must catch the light so that the room is not dazzling. This allows to enlarge the room, which is not negligible: it feels better in a larger space, it would take us almost in the snowy landscapes of Scandinavia!

If you do not want to use white parquet, opt for a light parquet floor: the blond wooden floor is fashionable and gives a warm and natural rendering to the room. Although clean, the space must be cozy!



A feeling of space

In case of white walls, you can place some monochrome and graphic tables, without overloading the room: to create a Scandinavian atmosphere, do not be afraid of emptiness!

Finally, we remove all objects that can create disorder: we put everything behind curtains or closets. Indeed, we seek above all a natural appeasement, it is not necessary that the eye is parasitized by an object recalling the stress of society.


  • Do not be afraid of emptiness!

Add a touch of colors with accessories

However, you have to give life to the play! To do this, accessorize the ubiquitous white in the living room, with touches of color in the decorative elements and plants. The Scandinavian trend is primarily soothing, so do not hesitate to place different plants for a note of nature and color inside the living room.

To brighten up everything, we choose some objects with geometric patterns and/or pastel colors, while favoring a clear decoration.