City Guide : Copenhagen

Visit Copenhagen in 4 days, what to see and do in the Danish capital?

4 days is the perfect time to visit Copenhagen! "Slow travel" is by far the ideal way to apprehend Copenhagen. The nose in the air on the lookout for this architecture so typical, a little cold but yet so beautiful. So what to see for a great weekend in Copenhagen, the Danish capital? All our advice to find in this new city guide!.

Copenhagen the city of "hygge"?

In recent times this little word hygge was on everyone's lips and in one of the magazines. Word somewhat UFO without real translation in English. The hygge, we could say, is a way of life, a state of mind where finally it is enough to enjoy the moments of everyday life, sweet, friendly, at home or with friends. Nothing more, nothing less!


With hindsight, everything is perfect in Copenhagen. The streets are clean and alive. Most people ride a bike, a real way of life here. Always nose in the air, we go from ocher facades to beautiful blue and emerald green that garnish the iconic roofs of the city. Strollers are on the sidewalks while moms are quietly chatting around a tea. The cafes are all cute more than the others. The city is barreled to the end of the ceramic plate that you want to slip quietly into your bag.

Visit Copenhagen, our favorites

  1. The Botanical Garden, which in addition to being really beautiful is free and, in Copenhagen, a free visit is not negligible.
  2. Two must-sees for a weekend in Copenhagen: Nyhavn's colorful harbor & Tivoli Gardens. Two hotspots but worth a look anyway. Both have a fairy-tale je ne sais quoi even though they are storming tourists.
  3. The industrial complex of Papirøen for street food (and good smells).
  4. Superkilen Park, a very graphic urban park in Nørrebro that will please all photographers (or designers).
  5. Meatpacking District, although some places were deserted (that's the end) I enjoyed this less-smelling downtown feel. We feel the creative wave of the neighborhood and the raw spirit of the old slaughterhouses always present.